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Our main site is  Omitting the WWW by just writing in your browser won’t work for now.  See this article for mor info.

We are working on it….


tickerTXT has become THE project of groupDNA and therefore is now hosted at We have as well, though the team has voted to use the .org as the primary “official” URL. Check it out.

We are proud to be selected to present <tickerTXT> at the Mini Seedcamp in Berlin on the 20 June 2008. (Next week). tickerTXT is our accidental flagship of groupDNA. Accidental, because honestly initially it was just a thought, a nice idea. But the more we probed, the more we explored the exsting solutions and markets, the more experts we asked, the more the incidental concept became a real proposition.

When we decided a couple of months ago to try to present at Seedcamp, it was always understood that it’ll be about groupDNA first. This was true until about 20hours before we needed to submit the nearly complete application questionnaire. At the last minute we promoted tickerTXT from the project status to the core business proposal we wanted to present.

See you on Friday 🙂